Clothes Dryer – The Zero Energy Option

One of the most significant, almost hidden, costs of living to a human being involves the clothes we wear and all the cloth based items we use on a daily basis.

Grouped under the heading of “Clothes Drying” it is something we rarely see in a household budget because it is normally lost in some sort of energy cost. Even then we simply make no allowance for the area we live in, air pollution, weather, especially the winter months, except perhaps for heating and lighting bills lg dryer repair pasadena.

Clothes dryers are mainly thought of as electric tumble dryers, which are essentially a 2 or 3 kw heater, switched on to maximum for hours on end. Surveys speak of an average; per tumble dryer, of 460Kw hours per year. Multiplied by a town of 10,000 homes in simple terms it is 4,600.000 Kw hours per town or a city of 100,000 it would be 46,000.000Kw hours per city.

How can we save a significant portion of that? By simply using natural or secondary drying methods. The old fashioned washing lines used by our grandparents did the trick but only in fair weather. With approaching winter shirts frozen on the lines was a familiar sight.

Today the old washing line still exists but mostly in a PVC coated rope but also in the indoor multiway retractable washing line which in its five line version expands up to 4 metres and gives almost 70 feet of useable washing line. Installed over the bath, in a conservatory, utility room or even between garage walls this superb device provides an additional drying space 24/7 at no ongoing cost.

In fact the range of natural drying racks also gives the same energy free drying facility. Drying racks provide a drying centre in the home where all family members can hang their clothes to dry instead of putting them on radiators all over the home.

Drying racks, clothes airers — free standing or wall mounted — expand to be filled and retract or foldaway to save space until required again.

Using no energy in the natural drying cycle or secondary heat from under floor heaters or wall radiators or simply the combined radiated warmth of the home and its occupants, clothes drying racks do their job without fuss, without tears and they are the zero energy option.

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