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7 Orchestras Playing With A Concert Marimba

Marimba is a new instrument. It belongs to the family of percussions, and it is one of the richest harmonic instruments under this family. It is formed of wooden bars, which are struck with mallets. They produce musical tones through…


The 10 Weirdest Instruments To Play In An Orchestra

We have prepared a list of the 10 weirdest instruments to play in an Orchestra. You might find some of them familiar, but they are not part of the standard orchestra arrangement. Others might seem new to you. Did you…


Classical Music as a Brand

  Classical music as an element of promotion of the bank brand Many of the world’s largest banks are sponsors of major orchestras. In advertising of these financial corporations are often used images that should associate banking products with classical…


The History of Evolution of the Symphony Orchestra

Throughout its history, thousands of years, mankind was creating musical instruments and putting them together in different combinations. However, only about four hundred years ago, these combinations of instruments developed into the form which is close to the shape of…


Losing Concert Virginity

I remember the first time I went to a classical music concert. I wasn’t sure about the dress code, so when I arrived I was caught in that I’m-under-dressed-I’m-over-dressed turmoil – did they wear sport chic (whatever that means) to…


A quick guide to some of my favourite composers

I’m one of those people who can’t just pick one favourite. I mean, how do you decide? There are so many variables involved in the process of choosing that, quite frankly, make choosing an awfully hard task. Like, don’t ask…


The most famous classical music pieces

Sometimes a piece of somebody’s work becomes famous on its own, due to popularity of the author, or the shock it caused. Sometimes it’s because another person decided to use it and it then became iconic. Not making sense? It…


How to Attract Young People to Classical Concerts?

 Music speaks for itself if we give it the opportunity. I love concerts. There is nothing more fascinating and exciting than listening to Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Brahms performed live. Nothing promotes the immediate release of adrenaline and hormones of happiness better….